7 Terrace Garden Ideas for A Refreshing Chill

Homifine.com — The terrace is part of the house, which is categorized as exterior. The exterior can usually be seen by others more easily, so that can be one of the considerations for decorating it. The terrace can also be used as a relaxing place with a cool and bright atmosphere. For some ideas for decorating the terrace to be more beautiful, check the following article about 7 Terrace Garden Ideas for A Refreshing Chill.

Beautiful landscaping

This first terrace looks beautiful by using a small pergola that is used as a comfortable relaxing area. This terrace is also adjacent to the garden, which has a variety of plants. With beautiful gardens and pathways, this landscaping area looks more stunning.

Backyard for relaxing spot

An attractive appearance also comes from this one terrace garden. In addition to the terrace that is attached to the house, the relaxing area is also maximized in the backyard garden. Additional lounge chairs can make it more comfortable for you.

Formal look

If you want a more formal look, you can use this one terrace idea. Use a sofa to sit back and set a dining table that you can use for family and friends who come to your house. The view of the green garden also makes the terrace the perfect spot to relax.

Small but chic

This small terrace still looks beautiful by using furniture that has natural colors. Additional planter, also a decoration that beautifies the relaxing area on the terrace. This terrace is also very suitable for those of you who like a bright and fresh outdoor atmosphere.

Use curtain terrace

To provide a more shady atmosphere when relaxing on the terrace, this additional cloth curtain is an interesting idea that also gives a beautiful and private appearance to the terrace. Additional plants around the terrace make it a terrace garden that is able to provide a perfect spread of freshness.

Refreshing plants

Plants on the terrace can be placed on the edge of the deck that limits the terrace area to the surrounding area. The use of a planter will further maximize a neat and attractive arrangement in the terrace garden.

Natural and calming look

This last terrace idea uses a deck that is made with a higher elevation than the surrounding area. The combination of white and wood makes the terrace feel more natural and becomes a relaxing spot. The backyard garden view is also one of the points that allows you to linger on the terrace.

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